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The Nomadic Life of an Unknown Individual

At a point in my life this website was interesting because my life was interesting. I travelled 7 continents in 10 months and visited over 20 different countries. The adventure had came and went 4 years ago yet I cling onto the memories of days filled with stories, strange encounters and big feelings. Now, this site sits inert as my life does. I dream of a time in the near future when I can live on airline food and bottled water once more.



2008: Australia - Byron Bay and Cairns, China, Milan, UK, Turkey, Egypt, Nepal


2007: Australia - Uluru and Sydney, China, Milan, UK, Slovenia, Croatia


2006: Australia, China, Germany, UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Fiji, Cambodia, Cuba, Honduras, Guatamala


2005: Taiwan, India, Australia (Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), China


2004: Antarctica, Latin America, New York City, Eastern Europe, Trans-Siberian, Southern Africa, Australia, India

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide


Hotel in Delhi
Helen's cat Douglas and I having a chess game