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Antarctica Introduction


Antarctica on Polar Star


This is me swimming at Prospect Point

Antarctica is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in this world. And I am sure many passengers in thr ship I was travelling on would agree. I could use all the pretty descriptive words there is, the best pictures, but it would still be insufficient to describe the exhilaration felt in visiting the coldest, driest, most remote continent of the world. They say that it is the once in a lifetime experience. Today, I sit in the canteen in Buenos Aires feeling exhausted and covered with dried dead skin from the cold, yet I am already dreaming of visiting the continent once more.
The ship sails through the chunks of ice bergs and snow covered mountains. The harsh wind slaps my face numb. A huge blizzard of snow blurs our vision of the beautiful Le Maire channel, but it adds a surreal quality to the spectecular display of sculptures formed by nature.
Penguins, seals, whales, birds... au natural, in their original habitats. How many pictures of penguins does one need? I adore these creatures the most, and couldnīt get enough of them. My favourite was the gentoo penguin. They are curious about everything, and when a person sits on the ground or lie flat on the terrain, a number of gentoo chicks will inevitably surround the body and peck at everything they dare approach.
The trip was made even more enjoyable with the wonderful people I met on the trip. The staff that led the expedition were so incredibly accomplished in their field of work (From atheletics to geology, politics, zoology etc) and I grew close to a group of backpackers from all over the world. It was hard to say goodbye to many of them after spending to many days together in a relatively small space.



Alex being attacked by Gentoo Penguins

Me on the bridge observing wildlife