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Travel Songs

Songs I wrote in my journey

Untitled (Written in Pucon, Chile)

Donīt ask me where Iīve come from

Iīve strayed from somewhere far away

Donīt ask me why I wander

Going from place to place


Donīt ask me what I want with my life

At the moment there is no drive

Donīt ask me where Iīm going tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day


Sometimes we meet, sometimes we part

Sometimes itīs good, sometimes itīs hard

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry

There really is no reason how or why


Donīt ask me if I love you

Everything was going fine

Donīt ask me when Iīm leaving

Itīs only a matter of time



Famoo (Written in Brazil, about the Kumuka overland truck)

Famoo is a big blue truck

Sheīs like a dear old friend

Take us to all these places

In our lonesome travel days


From green pastures and clear blue skies

To snowcapped mountain range

Through rain forrests and sandy beach

Across La Suramerica


What a long trip away from home

Itīs a tiring journey to take alone

To be lost, then find ourselves again

Famooīs the truck where we begin


As we wander through these endless roads

Dream of better days ahead

Perhaps someday weīll have better luck

Today we start with this big blue truck


(new addition)

Famoo was sick before La Paz

She was kicking up a fuss

Poor Ben and Bryce worked dawn till dusk

I pray her strength and health will last



Untitled (written in Cape Town, South Africa)

Goodbye my friend it was good knowing you

Although the days we had were few

All the memories were real

I will never forget, I hope you had no regrets

While the world is vast, please let this feeling last.


Take care my friend please remember to write

Think of me when your day is bight

And the sentiment’s right

When we’re finally part, it will break my heart

But there is no other way

The yearning will fade away


All those laughter, the anger, the joy and the rapture

Every moment with you was spectacular

In this glorious place you had my heart captured

This song’s for you just as a simple gesture


Be strong my friend please hold back your tears

Whatever your fears

I will always be near

Don’t feel too sad, it really isn’t that bad

We'll meet when the time is due

And this I promise you

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