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Brazil and Paraguay

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Pantanal wetlands, Bonito, Iguazu Falls Paraguay: Jesuit Ruins

This was the most fun sector of my entire trip (so you see I was too busy having fun and forgot all about taking pictures). Starting from Rio de Janeiro, I met 13 other travellers, an Australian guide and a New Zealander driver. Apart from the most horrific attack of mosquitoes I have ever had in my life (refer to Blog dated middle March), every moment spent in this tropical paradise was immensely enjoyable. This is the place to forget what it means to be a diligent traveller. Simply let go, relax and savour what some people might popularly refer to as the ‘Latin Sprit’.


Above: 1. Jamburu bird in the Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil. 2. Some creature related to the Racoon in Pantanal Wetlands
Below: 1. Iguazu falls, Brail/Argentina 2. Iguazu from a helicopter 3. Iguazu closed up 4. Jesuit Ruins, Paraguay 5.Woman in Brazil sewing bags