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Argentina: Peninsula Valdez, Ushuaia, National Park Fitz Roy. Chile: National Park Torres del Paine

Patagonia, just the word itself would inspire images of vast barren land, harsh climate and magnificent snow-capped mountain ranges. There is no single picture that can accurately portray the ‘typical’ Patagonia. The wild lives at the coast of Peninsula Valdez are equally descriptive as the rocky towers of Torres del Paine. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of land between the official ‘start’ point at the Argentinean state of Rio Negro and Ushuaia, the south most city of the world are simply semi-arid desert-like wasteland.

As much as I would like to imagine myself as a reasonable photographer, looking at these pictures I will tell all viewers that none of these pictures does justice to the dramatic scenery in this part of South America. The drama of Patagonia extends beyond its landscape. Much of its history includes tales of brave explorers sailing across the Atlantic and terrible stories of settlement being ruthlessly annihilated by the severe weather.

Finally, it is here I began my interest in hiking. Despite my involuntary contribution of USD 2,000 to the local community of El Chaten in Argentina, and nearly ending up as a fossil study for archeologists 2,000 years later in the National Park of Fitz Roy, I had truly enjoyed the 4-week long torture by the inhospitable Patagonia.



Above: 1. Trees in Fitz Roy, Argentina  2. Fitz Roy  3. Glacier Moreno, Argentina  4. Coast of Peninsula Valdez, Argentina  5. Martial Glacier, Ushuaia Argentina  6. Torres del Paine, Chile
Below: 1. Trees... can't remember where...  2. Meadows in National Part Torres del Paine  3. Fitz Roy again  4. Some barren roads that we went on for 6 days  5. Torres del Paines  6. Fox in Peninsula Valdez