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Mexico: Cancun, Chichen Itza and Merida, Uxmal and Campeche, Palenque, San Cristobal de la Casa, Monte Alban and Oaxaca, Teotihuacan and Mexico City
Mexico is my 2nd favourite country in Latin America (1st being Argentina). While the ancient ruins were magnificent, as were the people that built and developed the civilisation that once ruled Mesoamerica, what I loved most about the country was the warmth of the Mexicans and their profound national pride. “Don’t live in England. Come to Mexico, it is more fun!” said one of the museum warden I met while viewing some very skilfully painted murals in the city hall of Merida. Arts and crafts were most tantalising. At the final stop of my Latin America trip, I was having a hard time curbing my spending urges.