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Eastern Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Trans-Siberian: Russia, Mongolia, China

After 31 days of leaving London, spending 10 hours on 3 different planes, 25 hours on 3 different buses, 137 hours on 5 different trains, 7 countries later I arrived in Singapore. And boy I was happy. I remember reading in the memoirs of Singapore’s first and finest PM Lee Kwan Yew (whom studied in Cambridge, UK many decades ago when commercial flights were unheard of) about his passage to England that took 3 months between shores. I wasn’t brave enough to attempt a complete overland journey between London and Singapore, but that hardly made my journey any less exciting. (for details of travel refer to Blog dated between middle July and middle August)



Above: 1. Siberian landscape  2. Orange cliff at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia  3. Shaman worship pillars, Siberia  4. Train stop between Irkutsk, Russia and Ulaanbaatar
Below: 1. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  2. Ger camp, Mongolia  3. Girl and sheep, Mongolia  4. Girl in Ger, Mongolia